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It has been some time since my last post. You could say – another failure.  Still doing my excersises. Not as much as I wanted it, but Rome was not built in a day. (HOLIDAYS ARE COMMING – time to increase the pace). Working on my project goes very slowly. The truth is that I’ve always had problems with starting something, but as it I did it somehow turn to go smoothly. You might say “that’s my nature,” but is it? Laziness and fear restrain me. When nothing is done, no action is undertaken, it is easy to imagine that our plans, our dreams relate success.

Imagine that you are wandering through a desert. You’ve reached the first oasis, you have everything you need. You met new friends. You are satisfied how far You have gone, but the destination is still ahead of You. You can stay there, but you can take a risk and go further. It will not be easy. When we have what we need, and before us is the vision of the effort, the temptation staying at that place is huge. However, only after an effort further down the road we will be able say “I got to the end, I am satisfied and I do not regret that I tried”

Only confronting our demons, we can truly become ourselves. Even if none of this work out, we will be enriched with new experiences, which may bloom in the future. Today we may see it as useless knowledge or skill, tomorrow may be the key to success. Tomorrow is a new day and to a large extent it depends on us how it will look like.


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It’s time for a summary of the first month of my metamorphosis. My goal is to get rid of the 6 extra kilograms after pregnancy. It’s not much, but still. Actually, it’s not about weight, but about what bothers me in myself and thats my belly. Now that I know what is the problem, I need to do something about it. Thinking about it is not enough. Zero excuses. It is something that I have power over and I can do somthing about it. I do not have the possibility of going to the gym, but if You want somehitng, You can get it. Just a little space, a foam pad and lets do it. Ambitiously I assumed that I will practice five days a week. Unfortunately, I failed to achieve this, although the first two weeks were successful. Before I started to exercise I measured myself according to Ewa Chodakowska. Hide scales immediately after measuring and don’t look at it for a whole month. Good advice, I know this from experience 🙂
My initial dimensions:

Waist – 74 cm; Belly – 90 cm; Hips – 94 cm; Weight – 57 kg.
Measured after a month I did not expect that anything would change. After all,i didn’t practiced as much as I should. Still a very nice surprise.
My results after the first month of exercise:
Waist – 73 cm; Belly – 87; Hips and weight unchanged.
I’m starting a new month. The plan is the same. I want to practice five days a week. We’ll see if I can endure and what the effects of that will be. The main thing is not to give up and despite the problems continue on you road, slowly but surely to the goal.


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It all started very simple… From time to time you are allowed a piece of chocolate with your coffee. That’s when everything collapsed. One small deviation from our decisions. So passed almost two weeks when I exercised, I did not write, did not read any books. How easy it is to fall when we are not true to ourselves. I could be a lot more …


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Decisions made. Let’s get to work. We are full of enthusiasm and hope that this time we will succeed. So passes the first, second week. Suddenly it turns out that it is not so easy to keep our resolutions. We are tired or have a bad day. Sometimes you have to take a break. Two days turns to two weeks. And then what?


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They say I look good after giving birth to two babies. Maybe it’s not bad, but the truth is that I don’t feel good in my own skin. Working in the popular clothing company have taught me a few tricks how to mask my imperfections. My husband says, “You don’t like it, then do something about it.”


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Past is past. It is true that it shaped us and it’s very important to us. There are things, stuff, events that we would like to change and some that could last forever. How much more should we look to the future. Many times I wondered what I would do in the past if I had the opportunity of today’s knowledge. Back to the times when I was finishing high school. Would not it be wonderful?


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I have one thought in my mind for some time which is “how much I want to succeed?” How much determined I am? How much I am willing to sacrifice to achieve it? Only action leads to success. To be successful athletes train a lot. Not for one day, sometimes for years. It’s not enough to make a decision, do little bit of work and then sit back and wait until it all finishes itself. The temptation to put off some things till tomorrow is huge. Time is ticking. Do not give up!


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“It was my fear of failure that first kept me from attempting the master work.  Now, I’m beginning what I could have started ten years ago.  But I’m happy at least that I didn’t wait twenty years”.

 Paulo Coelho


Fear, anxiety  causes that I was standing in place for many years. The End! I’ve had enough! This year, I will do anything to achieve my goals. No matter what!. Do I have concerns about writing a blog, working on other projects? Sure. I’m terrified. But that does not disturb me, not this time! Fear has big eyes. How many times I was afraid that something will go wrong. Then it turned out. I was paralyzed by the fear and that was a figment of my imagination.

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